School may be coming back into session, but that does not mean that all fun must end! Our Youth Ministry here at Saint Margaret offers engaging activities year-round, including hang-out nights for high schoolers at FiRE House. Located just off of the elementary school gym parking lot at 329 Wright Street, we meet every Tuesday night from 7-9:30 pm for a night of…well, any kind of game you can imagine!


You might be thinking right off the bat how boring this all sounds. Being at church late at night? I have better things to do with my time…

Well, by attending you will soon realize that you’ll never want to miss out on FiRE House! FiRE House is a wonderful weekly event to build our community of youth. It even allows long-lasting friendships to be made! We begin each night with a brief prayer service, and the remainder of our evening consists of nothing but exciting games and activities! We play anything from classic games like kickball, four-square, or capture the flag, to more imaginative games like Human Hungry Hippos or even Polar Bears &IMG_8471 John Travolta – you just might have to come to FiRE House to see what that one is all about! A staple game of FiRE House is our Nerf war. For you artistic minds out there who are now questioning your interest because sports aren’t really your thing, don’t fret! First off, if anyone is not a sports person, it’s me, but I have been attending FiRE House for about five years now and I enjoy every single Tuesday night that I spend at Saint Margaret. We have plenty of activities that are fun for everyone. So if sports aren’t your speed, we also love having tie-dye nights, make-a-movie nights, and photo scavenger hunts. The sky is the limit for what we will do next! With that being said, if you know of a cool new game we could play, don’t be afraid to let us know! We love having your input and we welcome ideas from any student who wants to plan our FiRE House activities for the night. We definitely like to keep things interesting!

Going to FiRE House means being a part of something rather outstanding at our Church. Come join our community, meet new people, play games you probably have never even heard of, and make some memories! All are welcome! Oh, and did I mention that we have snacks, drinks, and candy every week? That often seems to be a deal-breaker.
I hope to see you on a Tuesday night in the near future!

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