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I think it’s safe to assume that the first exclamation grabbed your attention more than the second.

This holiday season, I challenge you to focus on and be just as excited about the second. Remember what really matters. Jesus’ birth made many things possible for us, including our own lives, and we need to remember to stay thankful for Him.

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season. It’s a wonderful day as everyone loves to express how thankful they are for their family and friends. There is an imminent passion that radiates from everyone. Then, Black Friday comes. Only nowadays, Black Friday doesn’t even begin on Friday – it starts Thursday night! People are torn away from their family members whom they claimed to be grateful for, just to meet deals on material goods. Black Friday kicks off the shopping craze that occurs during Advent. We all care so much more about what will be under our Christmas tree on the morning of December 25 instead of reflecting on what this day truly means; the coming of Christ. If it weren’t for his birth, we wouldn’t have this holiday in the first place…we owe Him some celebration!


We can solve this recurring issue with simple solutions to start. When decorating your home for the holidays, attempt to focus the attention on the true event which we are celebrating. Set up a mini Nativity scene on a fireplace, mantel, bookshelf, or anywhere! These are my personal favorite. Various artists design figures for these, and they’re all very cute! Just seeing this decoration will serve as a simple reminder as to what/who you should be thinking of throughout the month of December.



If possible, invest in some new ornaments for your Christmas tree. Angels, crosses, baby Jesus, the Inn, whatever you might like. The Christmas tree is the focus of the spirit of the season, so having these ornaments will allow you to focus yourself on the significance of the holiday even on Christmas morning as you sit around the tree unwrapping all your presents sent from St. Nick.


I am also going to give you a challenge. Don’t participate in the shopping craze Thanksgiving night. At least wait until Friday to go out and snag discounts. Spend your entire Thanksgiving with your family instead of hundreds of others out and about looking to buy the latest digital craze at a lowered price.

When you do go out shopping for family and friends, perhaps buy a gift for someone who may otherwise not be receiving a gift this Christmas. Participating in our parish’s Christmas giving program would be a great start. You can take a tag from our giving tree and purchase a gift for someone who is less fortunate!

Overall, money and materials should never be valued over family and beliefs. Stay true to God this holiday season!